Füssen – The romantic soul of Bavaria

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Now you are actually still outside the Old Town. Today Füssen is, of course, much larger, but with its 14,000 inhabitants it is still a small town within clear limits – right in the middle of Königswinkel, the King's Nook, and in the south of East Allgäu. Just where the countryside can hardly be more beautiful. Füssen – the name possibly derives from the Latin "foetibus" – was a road station which guarded the crossing from the mountains into the plain and the crossing point over the river Lech, probably a bridge. Evidence has been found of a military camp on the Palace Mountain and a camp village at its foot from the middle of the 3rd century. The soldiers were here to guarantee the safety of the road, something which in those days could not be taken for granted.

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Füssen – The romantic soul of Bavaria

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