St Mang's Basilica

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The monastery and the monastery church belonging to it, St Mang's Basilica, are consecrated to St Magnus – or St Mang, as the patron saint of the Allgäu is called here. Twenty-two churches and chapels in the vicinity are dedicated to him – a sign of the devotion that the saint enjoys among us. The present-day Füssen basilica has had quite a number of previous buildings since the time of St Magnus and was built at the beginning of the 18th century from the plans drawn up by Johann Jakob Herkomer. It is a baroque pilaster church on the lines of an Italian exemplar. It was erected on the external walls of the old romanesque basilica. You can easily recognise that by the thickset church tower with its saddleback roof. It was also meant to be changed into the baroque style, but then the money was not available.

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St Mang's Basilica

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